Our greatest hope is that the songs on this page can serve people to the glory of God. The aim of these is to present a variety of original pieces of varying styles and differing depths of thought. Doctrinal themes are explored in some of them. The goal is Teaching and Admonishing, as our accompanying songbook’s title, from Col. 3:16, states.

The songs here are available in pdf form, Power Point, and mp3. Permission is herein granted to print copies for personal or congregational use, project the slides, and distribute the mp3s for learning, provided that no one sells or profits from these works.

The recordings were made by selfless volunteers with donated studio time at Sounds Incredible Music Store and Recording Studio in New Martinsville, WV (soundsincrediblemusic.com). The purpose was to make recordings to benefit West Virginia Christian Youth Camp. While we offer these songs free for using, any donations of thanks may be directed to WVCYC through the link provided at www.wvcyc.com.

Thank you, and to God be the glory.